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About us

Our Vision

A Vancouver-based design studio, we specialize in creating custom single family and multi-family homes. We strive to help people create beautiful, functional spaces that reflect the intent, vision, and needs of each individual.


Whether it is a century old Shaughnessy manor or a brand-new site in the heart of Strathcona, we treat each project with the care and attention needed to create a place you are proud to call home.


That care starts at the beginning; as a studio we take on a project from its design inception all the way to getting approved construction drawings in your hands.


472 School House Relocation. 1995

Our History

Founded in 1995 by Paul Phillips, EDG Homes has been working in Vancouver for the last three decades. In that time, we have designed hundreds of homes that reflect the specific client, neighborhood, and budget.


We understand the hurdles that come with creating your ideal project in Vancouver, and have a wealth of experience in avoiding pitfalls and delays while not compromising on quality. As the City’s landscape and regulations evolve, we continue to grow as a studio that offers high quality design that fits with its surroundings.

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